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To/die/for – In Solitude

На музыкальном портале Зайцев.нет Вы можете бесплатно слушать онлайн песню «In Solitude» (To/die/for) в формате mp3.

исполнитель To/die/for

правообладатель Universal Music Group Universal Music Oy

длительность 04:58

размер 6.82 MB

битрейт 192 kbps

загружено tasha777

In Solitude
I'm not the one to die for Don't grieve for me After I am gone No one remembers Let me die in solitude Under pale grey clouds Let me sleep forever Six feet under ground This life ain't what I wanted Don't cry for me I'm not worth your pain I'm not worth your tears I say goodbye And raindrops taste like tears In the pouring rain I stand and die alone In my final hour As I kneel on the leaves I can feel the wave of warmth Was over me Then it's finally over My earthly misery I'm not to be remembered Don't cry for me
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