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Wiley – Chasing The Art

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исполнитель Wiley

правообладатель Universal Music Group Universal-Island Records Ltd.

длительность 03:01

размер 6.94 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Universal Music Group

Chasing The Art
Top boy riddims, yeah, made by me But I didn’t have any riddim in the tank though That’s why man had to phone up G I sold vinyl, now I sell MP3s And along with them, yeah, I sell CDs When I get a haircut, shape up’s right Can’t look like a 50 inch LCD I’ve got time on my hands, grime in my hand But grime, me and fans, we was in a full circle They look into your life, don’t matter if it’s personal Could be good, could be hurtful Yeah, it’s all human instinct We’re just following human imprints We think we started this, started that When you look on the real side, we’re wrong in an instant I said you ain’t gonna get anywhere with all that hate in your heart Don’t wanna take too much of the grime legacy so I’m taking a part «What you gonna do musically now it’s not all about making your mark?» Well, I’m back where I wanna be, it’s not about money, I’m chasing the art When I’m chasing, I’m chasing, I won’t stop chasing No system is gonna block the creation I’m a grime king of the king conversations Not a grass, I don’t need compensation I’d be further if I was more patient Like waiting for the trains at Euston station Always in a race with the time and I ain’t gonna win but I’m racing I run up on the stage like bang, came with a bang Didn’t even wanna be a lyrical thang But it’s dead where I’m standing, could’ve been stranded If I never worked every day like my Nan did Some dons, they don’t wanna work though While I’m here sitting with a workload Even though I didn’t get paid any money for my first shows In music, I’ve got a name that the world knows Don’t throw shots, cause I will throw shots We could throw pans, or we could throw pots We could throw houses, we could throw shops I don’t give a damn because I’ve seen the whole lot I said don’t throw shots, I will throw shots We could throw keys or we could throw locks We could throw stones or we could throw rocks I don’t give a damn because I’ve seen the whole lot I said don’t say nuttin' if you ain’t saying somethin' Just cuh man are cool, don’t press my button Yes, I got dons on my side who will curry man Pepper man, just like mutton Every now and then we’ve gotta make an exception When dons storm the game like Stormzy and Section Team went quiet for a while but Now we are headed in the right direction
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