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Natalie Cole – These Eyes

Natalie Cole
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исполнитель Natalie Cole

правообладатель Universal Music Group EMI Music Special Markets

жанр Джаз

длительность 03:34

размер 8.18 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Universal Music Group

These Eyes
Oh, Baby, ss, oh, it's so good, hm, umm Um, um, um, um, um, hm, get it, Baby, get it You've been with me through the hardest times And you've kept my heart, body, soul and mind together (You, you, you) It's been us two against the world It ain't been easy but we sho' made it together All I wanna say is Baby (Baby) oh my Baby (Baby) I love you (I love you, hoo, hoo) hoo, hoo Oh, yeah, Baby (Baby) oh my Baby (Oh my Baby) I love you, hoo, hoo (I love you, hoo, hoo) Hoo, yeah, yeah When my world had fallen to the ground Your love was there always around And I love you, and I love you, hoo, I love you, hoo, hoo Ho, oh, the world keeps changing in which we live Sometimes people just don't have the time to give That very special part of them that keeps our love together Oh Baby, take my love, I hope you keep this forever You (I love you) God bless you (I love you) I love you (I really do) Oh, hoo (Hey, hey and I love, I love you) I love you (I love you) Yes I do, oh (I really do) its you, Baby, you, Baby, oh (Hey, hey, and I love, I love you, I love you) My, my, my, my, my, my (I really do) oh, yes
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