Big Brovaz

Big Brovaz


Big Brovaz now a four piece act, with funky memorable raps and a unique theatrical approach to urban image are back with the release of their sophomore album Re-entry.

A homegrown UK hip-hop outfit with a proven track record, Big Brovaz lit up the pop world in 2002. Shooting straight to the top of the charts with their debut hit "Nu Flow" and continuing success with hit singles such as Favourite Things (Number 2 UK Charts), and Baby Boy (Top 5 UK Charts)

They released their much anticipated album "Nu Flow" to critical acclaim being cited as; "...the his and hers of hip-hop albums" (Will Sansom BBC Music.)

Going platinum it reaped huge successes with its energetic bumpin' beats, helping the band to win 2 Mobo's (Best Newcomer and Best UK Act of the year) Smash Hits (Best Urban Act) alongside Capital Radio and Disney awards.

The band is a progressive one starting out more as more of a collective. Big Brovaz was formed out of a production team, originally featuring alongside others. Recognized very quickly for being a strong fusion of sounds and culture the musical collective merged and became the Big Brovaz we know now. Original as six the band is now four and has come through some monumental changes to get here.
Likened to top acts such as Outkast and The Fugees, Big Brovaz have been working hard in the last 2 years to bring you their upcoming album Re-Entry. The first single to be released is Hangin Around
"It's a reflective song, we wanna discourage you all from just hangin around when there are things to be getting on and doing in your life but its two fold as well. As let's face it when you hit the top you definitely want to be hangin around there" J-Rock

With lyrics that consider anti social and decadent behavior along with discussing issues within relationships the upcoming album is a definite one not to miss. ведет переговоры с правообладателем.

В ближайшее время треки этого исполнителя могут появиться на площадке.