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Cobra DS – Bad Boys (Martik C Remix)

Cobra DS
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исполнитель Cobra DS

правообладатель Zeon

жанр Поп,Рэп

длительность 04:25

размер 10.14 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Zeon

Bad Boys (Martik C Remix)
Fuck what you want Im big concrette Feeling number one The streets i get it Beretta come getta Im sayn like Schreder Back my throne At grimey zone Hard daily Fuck police My weapon ready Snake attack Please dont panic (hm hm) I beat em up My thaing gonn buster I get em up I keep on hustle You dont call nobody Cause you got nobody Hellblade dont stop it When you look like bag Look back at it You still dont ready My life goes up And i clap that bag it You think you bandit? Outlaw? Behind your back is real thugs? Independent, party rolla 911 that you can calla Look how we do it We dont play that Criminal mind is always ready Did not mean to scare you Not my hurry Not affraid Not my fault That you scared (you scaaared) Bad boys dont see you as enemy one But if something happens then ill take it my gun Take it my gun Yeah im take it my gun Gotta phantom rolls roys Made a killa by tekillah G ghost my thaing Get it down you blizzard Smash up who versus Neva gonna blesses Unity im walking so Better squeze away my road Move over bitch, when we walkin Im not the one but gun still smokin Your illusion that you king Can tell some broke like you not real Fuck d up who be in Nobody living Next life you be in Should take to keep it Im no more kiddin (get it get it) Tell me what you feeling when you praying for your life Tell me what you mean when you say that im not right Look what awaits you next When bitch will sit up on your lap And you forget about everything They can not reach me anyway This will be last words that you say We lost you snitch Is more than game That brilliant came up My boys dont see you as enemy Another level of rap Fuck how much money you spent on it Haha the witness protection proggram doesnt work here, we miss you slut First thing first you need to know that im lay your ass, lay your ass down Bad boys dont see you as enemy one But if something happens then ill take it my gun Take it my gun Yeah im take it my gun
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