Spitfire - Life Comes Running

Spitfire - Life Comes Running
Исполнитель: Spitfire
Жанр Поп
Длительность 03:22
Битрейт 320 kbps
Правообладатель ЦЕЗИС
Life Comes Running
320 kbps
В приложение
Well I’m not talking
I’m just a-walking
Down on the street
On summer days
Well, I’ve been working much this year
& now’s the time that I can hardly stand it
For me it’s boring to watch your snortin'
The way you’re living baby cracks me up
Do something crazy let’s come on outside
At least we could go down to the pub
I’m not wasting my time
I’m just trying to make you hear what I’m saying
Hey baby c’mon
Do something crazy & life comes running
She said I’m sorry I’m not in a hurry
I’ve got things to do I’ve got to concentrate
She screamed c’mon boy don’t be a kill joy
Next time I’ll let you know we’ll have a date
Chill ran down my spine
I said that’s just fine!
I’ll find myself something better to do
Down in a valley I’m freely running
Wind in my face & dreams come true
And now you’re sittin' alone and cryin'
I didn’t call you about a week
You think I’m a frivolous stupid wanker
And hangin' out with another chick!
But I’m not this way gloomy jerk
I’m on a highway with my bag
I wanna see the wide world baby
Sooner or later I’ll be back

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