Julie Harmony - Sharks


Исполнитель: Julie Harmony
Жанр: R’n’B
Длительность: 03:51
Битрейт: 204 kbps
Правообладатель: Song With Soul

Текст песни

All they are sharks with their dangerous teeth

Are looking in the ocean for something they can eat

Someone bites with the sharpest words

Someone blinds with the lights

Here I am armed with flowers

Still learning how to fight

My guns are loaded with my thoughts

My knives are sharp by my vibes

Just protect my parachute

And you will see me fly

I took some pills that treat emotional deprivation

But I lost my map to define my location

My connections work, they feed me with sensations

Diffusing through my skin, I’m gonna dive right in

But bottom is so close and I can’t get deeper

You played with prey enough

So now you gotta leave her

Take the Oscar for your acting and then keep quiet

Thanks you didn’t stay for dinner, didn’t even try it

I bet you’re still devoted to your snow white diet

Please just keep pretending that you still fight it

And it seems I’m angry but I’m just mocking

If you wanna people know ya, just keep talking

Just keep talking

I was looking for my shaperone

That could show me the way, and could lead me

Thanks I don’t trust people anymore

But I keep breathing, keep breathing

All they are sharks with their dangerous teeth

Are looking in the ocean for something they can eat

All they are sharks thirsty for someone’s blood

My the only mistake is I was so naive

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