Hikiray - Shinigami


Исполнитель: Hikiray
Жанр: Рэп
Рейтинг: 18+
Длительность: 02:13
Битрейт: 320 kbps
Правообладатель: Rhymes Music

Текст песни

You dont know my name?
What a shame
I dont care, its all my daily faith
Let me wait
I dont want a double drink

Get the fuck out of my Rin
"Dot" on dreaming of my Rin
Not a dream, not a dream
Better fuck - "Banana trip"
Buddy, drink another drink

<primis-player></primis-player>Get a fucking "mamama" for one trip and a half
Dripping not
If my skins wrapped
That I get - Im fucking trapped
Get them on that fucking Shirobato

(Shinigami boi, shinigami boi)
I dont change, Im like rain
Sex your bitch inside a plane
(Wait, thats... thats "Mary Jane")
(Б**, **аный в рот)

Trying to do faints (yeah)
An anime squad
Get on a tryst (yeah)
I do my free day
Am I afraid? (yeah)
No, im on trade (yeah)

Im not afraid now
Getting on
Fuck on a trip
The way they did
Fucking that drop
But if I get in
Bring me to fuck in a Royce

<inread-ad></inread-ad>Wait, somethings wrong
I guess its rum
Gotta fuck em in a row
To better - low
On a trap
Why the fuck you know my law
I dont know, I dont know, I dont know

11 on trip
And if I can stick enough
Ready to fuck
And the fuckin 11
Flip in the bag
If i get in trouble
Fucking on wedding
Got the pool

Dead Shot
Dropped up
I dont want a laptop
Pet trap

Singing out of my song
I dont want to know
Who you tryna fool
I dont wanna know
Balenciaga shoes (wow)

<inread-ad></inread-ad>Dreaming without you
Living without you
Living without you</span></a>

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