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Decapitated – Winds of creation

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исполнитель Decapitated

длительность 04:12

размер 7.69 MB

битрейт 256 kbps

загружено Met2core

Winds of creation
In the beginning there was chaos In which the germ of the beginning and the rights They emerged from the tangled elements Not brightness, not human being but dusk From which earth and day came into existence Brightness- a daughter of darkness, not of spirit The black sky without its jewels stars Gave the glory to its father with brilliance First parents Ereb-night, eternal night And their fruit, mankind, constrains the tribe The toys of elements,the children of dreams Their gods are only illusions Human rights crushed in the fingers of the might Long centuries the sleep of mother earth The sleep so coloured real but fog woven And awakening will come from dusk
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