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Blue October – The Flight (LNK To MSP)

Blue October
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исполнитель Blue October

длительность 06:45

размер 12.36 MB

битрейт 256 kbps

загружено ad3wal3

The Flight (LNK To MSP)
INTRO: I'm asking you one question. You want me to sign away the rights as a father to my daughter So that you'll leave me alone and let Liv be happy? Everything is... She's so happy. I wish you knew that. She is happy, I know but... She's such a happy girl. I'm I'm I'm I'm asking to just... How do I...? I think that your right. I don't think your ready for a family Justin. I'm not ready for a...? And when you are, I hope that you have one with... With somebody that... That you treat much better than you did us. But I think at this point you should probably acknowledge the fact that... That...? You have failed miserably… VERSE 1: No joke took a breath and then awoke. I was standing in an airport looking like a joke. Saying Sir can you help me, mam could you please? So they lead me to the pay phone flagging down the police. Mr. officer I know who I am but the rest of me my memory I just don't understand. I do know that I'm an unsafe man with a plan Of getting on a plane, fly away to kill a man. Like a freight train; threat to myself. I got a history of blackouts, bad mental health. So… Both cops each arm, alarm, no harm, disarm, pat down, do the body check. Next thing I was a walking on the airfield. Backseat I was a heading to a hospital. I'm sorry for the drama that I bring through the screen. He said "Son you did the right thing." CHORUS: Please help me understand why you can't talk man to man. But you can stand with your dick in your hand. You're acting like a p*ssy man. Hey! Hey! X2 Huhh VERSE 2: I was faithful to my wife and now we're separated. Use to drive her in the back I underestimated. Like a strong sinks down into the complicated. Fact that she gave that ass up I never f*cking dated. See your better than that. No it's not. Well he's a rough real tough man going round the back. Just a p*ssy with a dick stand up and be a f*cking man. Hiding from the husband scared I'll make a beating. Now up in Lincoln I'm in the deep end. Think I'll I come and break you smash your f*cking face in. Cut you up vanilla juice and watch you try to f*ck them. (CHORUS) X2 BRIDGE: uh oh uh oh oh oh oh uhoh uh oh oh uh oh uh oh oh uh uh ohuh uh oh oh ohoh uh oh uh oh oh oh oh uhoh uh oh oh uh oh uh oh oh uh uh ohuh uhhhhh VERSE 3: Is that beat up? Is that beat up yet? Please help me understand. Why you can't talk man-to-man. Is that beat up? Is that beat up yet? Ha! Ha! Stand up. Stand on top of. (Whispered Grunts) (Unrecognizable) (CHORUS) X2 (BRIDGE) X4
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