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K-Solo – Real Solo - Please Stand Up

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исполнитель K-Solo

правообладатель Warner Music Group Rhino Atlantic

жанр Поп

длительность 00:30

размер 8.98 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Warner Music Group

Real Solo - Please Stand Up
My style’s aggressive like a pitbull terrier Harder the sounds on wax, the more the merrier Maestro, release this beat for me See when I rhyme, I rig up bits and get paid easily So gather 'round, listen to the flow So I can prove, I’m the true Solo MC’s grab my name and bit it poorly Put it behind the name and ate it up like ravioli OK, so I heard it with Red Alert and Chuck A rapper said he went solo, I said «What The???» My man came over and said «Yeah, we heard you» Choke, son, you heard a bitin' ass crew Some bit my name, I want it back It’s a fact, P, tell 'em (Get The Bozack) On the record, who do I stand for? A rapper on the stage who gets one single applause Give me a break, my brother, my name stands for Kevin Self, Organization Left Others My name’s no game for those who claim to use My name in vein, 'cause their name sounds plain I remain the flame, should my flow change No, the name of the game, Solo will explain I don’t know which way, rappers ran or came I know the vein and I hate the name Shame, playin' a game, they’re jokin' the same They walk around puddles, knowin' the reign With the cane, nothin' to gain Shame, fast flows, and rhymes for Solo Will get a rapper tame The pain of no fame, no title to gain Nobody but the real Solo to blame Fake Solo’s and weak Solo’s, shut the hell up And let the real solo stand up PMD got a call from Alvin, they yell «Solo, they’re puttin' your name on other rapper’s albums» I said «No Joke», but your manager tells them They put Solo on the record so all labels can sell 'em People buy it, 'cause they’re not it They get the record and find out, the Solo ain’t me Some get mad, bringin' the record back Yellin' «That ain’t the real Solo, I want my money back!» He gives you the dough, you step to another row Seein' a whole bunch of albums now that say «Solo» Now you ask the man «Who's the real Solo?» He sees so many fake ones, he just don’t know He offers you then suddenly stops, and points «That's the real Solo!» 'cause K marks the spot Put my jam to theirs and it won’t sound the same The weak wick wack MC’s say my name in vein To say my name in vein is like a swear I get ya at a party, catch you out there Fake Solo’s and weak Solo’s, shut the hell up And let the real solo stand up Under pressure, some fess, 'cause rappers are less And not a fat sex shakin' in a dress Regress, while I flex for the press They had rest, and played battles on stress Some need a rest, some gonna agress Solo’s the best, put on a new rap prospect What the heck, I’ll deck or peck, or make wreck Any rapper, who don’t come correct To me the fake Solo is an ornament hung on a wall Shot a killed, a trohpy in a tournament Yet still some rappers still front and act hard Put deep down, they know they fall against their own odds Rap is like them, I love to destroy And rub their face in the dirt like a Tonka truck toy Fake Solo’s and weak Solo’s, shut the hell up And let the real solo stand up 19−9-O, EPMD cold in effect, K-Solo See ya wither, wither
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