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K-Solo – Drums of Death

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исполнитель K-Solo

правообладатель Warner Music Group Rhino Atlantic

жанр Поп

длительность 00:30

размер 8.98 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Warner Music Group

Drums of Death
Drums of death Drums of death Drums of death Drums of death Freeze, my mic please Rappers down with Solo’s lyrics homilies Quote me in the book of life as one of the baddest Death’s a way of life so welcome to my kingdom of madness With rhymes I embrace walls of terror You can only find yourself when you stand in the mirror And rappers walk away but angel In my empire make way The blood is kept for As rappers kneel to my throne of fire I’ll mangle, strangle rappers at any angle 'Til they disappear like in the Bermuda triangle No trace of life, gone without a fight What remains are the drums of death and a mic In my world he was marked as a burglar My rhymes killed him so I’m marked as a murderer Took the mic to death words defy and rappers pray for rap blood The sacrificial sacrifice, his soul is mine I break his mic, I say the hell with his rhymes In the of anger nothin’s left As Solo gets stronger as the drums of death Drums of death Drums of death Drums of death Drums of death The seven seals prophecy fulfilled I’m rappin' with an evil spirit killed MCs notice, try to run, yell, exhale But now fell, to the clutches of hell Madness turns you loose and All in they ears, now yellin' Solo’s name Mercy, is what you say I should give you But when I grab ya, I hit ya, I’ll kill ya when I split ya Rhymes are sharper than a two-edge sword God, Solo is Lord I’m darkness, ever since I started this I wasn’t known as the rap artist My vocals so different I had to say bring my jam backwards K-Solo is who I am as I commence with rhymes to take you higher Rap is burning in the lake of fire No remorse for rappers of course, they’re lost Biggie Smalls, hang the kid on the cross «Should we kill him Solo? (Think we should shoot him?) Hold him still and Biggies Small execute him Drums of death Drums of death Drums of death Drums of death As I commence to release a masterpiece Rappers and old break beats I make 'em feast the flesh Cooked on a fire for the sire The flame engaged I rhyme five words higher Then get a bite from the beast of death But they should know better the best bet was to step Those with was the key to the bottomless pit No light, combine darkness Rappers with heart, grab a mic and then start this New way of life for those who might hawk the darkness With no fear or fright So don’t consume, in other words doom Locked in a fleet of madness, concealed in a red room Of murder, punk, chump that’s the outcome Spell murder backwards you get redrum I pick the 'til none’s left It makes Solo stronger as the drums of death Drums of death Drums of death Drums of death Drums of death
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