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Mushroomhead – Burn (Original Recording)

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исполнитель Mushroomhead

длительность 02:41

размер 6.15 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено vadimvastels

Burn (Original Recording)
Take back prone to distract Its never been the same Wheres your feedback You want to break me Are you dead now But if you want to see it Ill take you down Bur and bleed and refill the cage Walk the weary wasting away When i lost my dignity I closed my eyes To keep my sanity Need me want to bleed me You try to break me down But you cant conveice me I hate your life away but i can feel the pain Choke the beast not be the prey For another day Take off the edge Replace with disgrace Youve never something rotting in place Hating and breaking While leading the way Our steps all grow closer For we are the prey The wolves will all gather As we come around Now ring the bell were going down Bring all sides in
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