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Aly & Fila feat. Jwayden – Coming Home

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исполнитель Aly & Fila feat. Jwayden

правообладатель Dasha Pavlenko

длительность 06:28

размер 8.35 MB

битрейт 180 kbps

загружено Darba

Coming Home
When in doubt, look to me, your the only one that’s standing in your way you block the sun, losing hope and isolate yourself and push the light away when alone, find yourself, searching places that you’ve never been before close your eyes pictures us somewhere perfect where the sunlight wont fade away if your torn, then i’ll be torn with you if you fall, then i’ll fall right by your side when your done and your loosing sight and your lost then i’ll guide you back into the light when the night comes round, all stars will stay every step you take, will speak, remain when the sun fades out, i’ll stay awake i’ll be coming home i’ll be coming home when the stars are gone and the lights are out i’ll sing for you when theres no one else and losing your hope i’ll see you through when the doors are closed & theres no way out i’ll lead you to a place you’ll know, a place called home
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