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K-Solo – Solo Rocks the House

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исполнитель K-Solo

правообладатель Warner Music Group Rhino Atlantic

жанр Поп

длительность 00:30

размер 9.31 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Warner Music Group

Solo Rocks the House
Open the door, my DJ’s on the cut Invited to my rap, or look, the door’s shut All eyes on the man who runs the house Or be small if you can’t take a, the on-across Solo Pain is moved like earthquakes when mirrors break Transform, even the dog house shakes Rhymes of mine own many rappers presence Vacate this, but still can’t be resident Rappers’ll cave and try to get one copy Trespass, and got arrested on my property In my house, and locked up and no way out What do they all see? Solo rocks the house (Solo! Solo!) Rocks the house (Solo! Solo!) (Solo! Solo!) Rocks the house Cops met on the bathroom sink and tub As Bally footprints cover the living room rug With four rings, no rappers can answer 'cause When cage collapses, chandeliers fall Crap will break walls, celings start to cave in From the living room, dining room, and den Rappers’ll trap, MC’s try to break 2 rhymes and cuts, thats break, there, 5 escape They wait in the crowd, with nowhere to go They hide in the closet, so their face won’t show 'Til they get hit with shoes, and poles, and flows That hold the clothes, and now the whole foundation unfolds To the ground, rappers on mics can’t be found 'Cause punks are buried, nobody can ever sound For those that with, is this, know what it’s all about The neighbors tell the cops, Solo rocks the house (Solo! Solo!) Rocks the house (Solo! Solo!) (Solo! Solo!) Rocks the house Tricks are treats, so put my mic in the bag And rap and serve with a hat Now rappers want to round and brag MC’s who perceive warning, don’t let me catch you Sleepin', or yawnin' in the mornin' I’ll be waitin', also takin' MC’s out, on a rappin' group awakenin' Read up my rap style, you never know you might Get hit in the head with consecutive rows of flows Beats go together like Clash of the Titans Rhymes are hittin' harder like a punch from Tyson I never found a foe too hard to fight I might jump up on the wage of the stage, a poltergeist Witty the ditty, think the pretty Come off of jams, I’m flauntin' And yell «They're from the city» Well I’m from Long Island where rappin' and rhymin' is hype Both you frogs, you disapear like bat might Grab your dice, throw your roll, you crapped out I grab the dice, now I roll C Lo Nothin’s hard, for K-Solo to do I’m like vodka, I’m Absolut-ly Deadly, MC’s, don’t even step to me As I cause death and won rap victory Rappers fit the same descriptions, soft They sayin' they’re makin' records But rappers are still walkin', talkin', also stalkin' Lookin' for a manager or producer in New York And they might see you, ask what y’all can do See you kick a weak rhyme, and flaunt your crew Time’s up, your appointment’s through You hear the man (Don't call us, your style sucks, we’ll call you) The problem what you know music, weak rap lines You stopped at the wrong place at one wrong time Some pray to god for one contract to sign They name their posse’s name on the dotted line You’re like to rest to me, say weak mind So grab a ticket and number, punk, get on line We can go rhyme for rhyme, hit for hit Grab the bad mit, Ok, let’s play rhyme-a-hit I’m at the bat, you throw a pitch I take aim, swing a Solo rhyme, it’s a hit So chase me with mitts like a baseball Tryin' to get it, but drop the midget quick 'Cause I’m a home run hit Bases loaded, quote, take note and Four hit records at one time, Solo wrote and I design the flow and rhyme something like a sketch And dress it and press it until it sounds like Memorex On tape, when I rhyme, I don’t rhyme straight I rhyme crooked with zig zag and base Some, rhyme, punks inherit their own fate To be that crab, so that’s when I pass plates To wait if, to wait for other crab MC’s Throwin' them back in the ocean So they can flow against me They get an idea, some try to swim high Get trapped in the bay or they get lost in the tide Where I live, bigger and better try to bite me Like Jaws, 1, 2, and 3 Blind mice, who doin' the louie, I kick Rhyme crazy, never Hong Kong Phooey MC’s are the same, livin' large Rappers are frontin', 'cause they want to be stars You tell two friends, so on and so on And I’m gone, that’s the end of the song (Solo! Solo!) Rocks the house (Solo! Solo!) (Solo! Solo!) Rocks the house So flow production, word up On the strength, PMD cold packin' an AK Mac 10 What’s up E? Yo Mel, I’m out
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