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Roxanne Shanté – Fatal Attraction

Roxanne Shanté
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исполнитель Roxanne Shanté

правообладатель Warner Music Group Rhino/Warner Records

жанр Рэп

длительность 00:30

размер 10.35 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Warner Music Group

Fatal Attraction
Just gather 'round, this tale is rather chillin' What I mean is thrillin', so listen if you’re willin' Cause Shanté has been through more than the average girl Now I will send your mind through a twirl Now usually I’m narrow-minded, never blinded By any man, but some how I got binded I mean caught up, he wasn’t all that fly I can’t lie, he was cute in his suit and tie But he wasn’t my type, I mean he didn’t own A dope Benz with a rag top and a phone He wasn’t out gettin' paid by the mile He was a different kind of man with a different style He didn’t sport a fat rope, and that was strange He had a job at the New York Stock Exchange Down on Wall Street, workin' 9 to 5 He was a man with a mind and a will to strive He had a wife, but acted like she wasn’t there Long hair, they really made a lovely pair But Shanté was ready for some real action And this is the beginning of a fatal attraction So I saw him nearly every day, what could I say? «Hi, I’m Shanté, and could you leave the wife, by the way?» I wasn’t with it. He had to take the first step I have a rep, and good is how I want it kept But then it happened, one day he started kickin' it And just to think, I thought that he was chicken shit He gave his name, he couldn’t give his number though I gave him mine, and beat it like a drummer so He wouldn’t think I was on it but I really was The same night, he had the nerve to give a buzz And I thought, «Damn, what a bad brother» He said his wife was out of town with her grandmother Pay him a visit—I said «Yo, I’m not a dummy» I know that’s not the only kind of pay he wants from me But I went, and somethin' told me not to go But when I got there, he seduced me slow Now I’m not the first date type But this night Shanté was quite hype And quite ready for all kinds of action Soon you’ll see why this is a fatal attraction And so it happened, boy did it ever I never been touched like that, I mean never The whole weekend was very romantic Then came Sunday, and I got frantic Cause it was time to run, and I was havin' fun He touched my cheek, and then he said «See ya, hon» I went home and thought it was short Time I realized that I was caught And for the next four months of us dating I kept anticipating and waiting Because he told me he and his wife were through Finished, over, I just had to wait a few So I waited, and time kept passin' on Three more months, and still she wasn’t gone I got mad, I asked him what the problem was We sat down, and bust what the brother does «Sorry, baby, what was I thinkin' of? I have a wife, and that’s who I really love And as for us—» «Please, don’t even run it Cause if you loved her, you wouldn’t’ve never done it» I started breakin' and he was about to see some action And feel the pain of a fatal attraction Well, this story has such a sad ending And I hope these men stop pretending As if they’re single, and try to mingle Cause one day you might feel a tingle Between your legs, and when you look down to check Ha, surprise! Go 'head and break your neck Search high and low, look near and far But what you’re lookin' for is somewhere in a pickle jar Just like him, cause he’s in a hospital He had a big one, but now it’s kind of little So little, he can’t stick it any place He tried to play me, and he lost the race But that’s not that he lost Jimmy’s gone, and that’s the cost Of my fatal attraction
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