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The Imagined Village – New York Trader

The Imagined Village
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исполнитель The Imagined Village

длительность 06:22

размер 9.39 MB

битрейт 206 kbps

загружено Тера

New York Trader
To a new york trader I did belong she was built for sea both stout and strong well rigged, well manned and fit for seas she was bound for New York and Americi. the captain in his cabin lay neptune came to him and this did say prepare yoursel for mutiny for tomorrow night you shall lay with me The captain woke up all in a fright it was the first watch of the night for the bosun he an alarm did cry he telled a story that plagued his mind I killed my wife and my children three through strong and violent jealousy on my best friend I laid the blame and I watched him hang on the gallows frame At these words at great storm did rise which did the mariners all surprise the sea rose up above our heads which filled those mariners hearts with dread The bosun then he did declare our captain was a murderer the storm enraged the frightened crew that overboard the murderer threw and all around a great calm was there our wounded ship for the the man did steer the wind did drop and calm the sea and we sailed safe for Americi
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