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Sister Souljah – Brainteasers and Doubtbusters

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исполнитель Sister Souljah

правообладатель Sony Music Entertainment Epic/Legacy

жанр Поп

длительность 00:30

размер 10.59 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Sony Music Entertainment

Brainteasers and Doubtbusters
Am I a black racist? NO! Not unless you believe in the Boogeyman There’s no such thing as a black racist Racism and white supremacy are systems of POWER That deny the majority of black people throughout the world The right to life, freedom, proper education To contorl our own ideas and thoughts And the ability to make money and control your own culture and religion Black racist, black racist («So wrong, so many times») Black racist, black racist («…so many times») No black person or group of black people any place in the world Have the power to deny white people or Europeans access to anything What can you CALL me? CALL me prejudiced! Because I prejudge situations based on my own understanding of history («So wrong…») («…so many times») Some of the Indians trusted white people And if you ask any black brother or sister today How many Native Indians they know They’ll tell you that they don’t know any You know, white people KILLED THEM! And they did so in the name of friendship, civilization and Christianity Yo, yo, engineers! Hold up, I gotta go to the bathroom I’ll be right back, I’ll be right back. Alright, cool man, sounds great Sound great, my ass! Fuckin' mooley! I think she went to the bathroom To take a shit out the other end (Fat-ass black bitch!) Tuna-flavored vulva peach, fuckin' Sheba (Man, if that nigga said that shit in the old days, she woulda been hung!) (Ay man, what the fuck is a she-whitey?! What the fuck.) I don’t know, oh wait wait, here she comes… Alright y’all I’m ready, we can pick off, y’know right where I left off from Uhh, sounds great, let’s go to uhh. top of the fourth Crackers don’t do anything unless there’s something in it for them They make charities because they get salaries and it’s tax deductable They give you scholarships to their schools So you can learn to think and act like them So they can use you against your own people Like these weak pitiful black mayors and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Honkies join the Peace Corps so they can spy on other people’s culture And make money off the things they learn… (Black racist, black racist, black racist, black racist) («So wrong, so many times») White people give you welfare with a set of rules Designed to keep you ON welfare, ignorant and lazy And then talk about you on TV Crackers pretend that the television and the media is really «for the people» But we all know that its only purpose is to make more and more advertisment dollars And sell you products that you don’t even need Why, honkies create economic conditions where the majority Of black men and women cannot make money Force us to join the United States Army And then order you to KILL OTHER BLACK PEOPLE in nations around the world… White women, you know they’re real slick They try to say that they’re different then white man Get your sympathy and then they wanna sleep with your black men White feminist say that they are the sisters of black women Ask you to join their women’s movement Then they want to give you five hundred reasons Why you should leave your man and let them EAT YOUR PUSSY! White people pay desperate brainwashed black people to join the CIA Make them join black organizations and then use them To kill off black leadership like they did to Malcolm X Crackers say they believe in God, painted Jesus Christ white Violate ALL the justice that Christ stood for And use his good name to make MOOORE money money Man these crackers will make times so hard They’ll turn your momma into a hooker, turn you daddy into a pimp Throw your brother in jail and have your sister smoking woolahs and crack And in the end, whitey will call ALL OF US a bunch of low lives And deny the fact that he had anything to do with any of it FUCK ALL OF Y’ALL!!! THAT’S RIGHT, I SAID ALL OF YA!
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