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Me Phi Me – Sad New Day (Radio Edit)

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исполнитель Me Phi Me

правообладатель Sony Music Entertainment RCA/Legacy

жанр R’n’B

длительность 00:30

размер 9.03 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Sony Music Entertainment

Sad New Day (Radio Edit)
Pain it's as dark as the night Keeps you up-tight forever you fight You try to break the bondage you experience Deranged delirious mentally serious Tell ME how do I break the chains on my brain My mind my body my soul I need total control Of my freedom and my liberty when will it be for all All Berlin walls must fall The physical torture and mental oppression The anguish of depression life is a lesson That you've got to study hard because the hard times Are grippin' and whippin' Quit slippin' don't be a slave just create A positive state don't break just make and take Be great don't be controlled just be strong never doubt Your tomorrow and we'll hear you scream out SAD NEW DAY GO AWAY -- SAD NEW DAY GO AWAY When it rains it pours for pain is a force Let happiness be your source and keep goin' for yours I know old Dante pulled you in the inferno But pain you U learn though is not eternal So now you're in the dungeon on the wall you hang You try everything the pendulum still swings You're down on your knees and prayin' Oh my GOD Tell me why this life has to be so hard Is it all in the cards yeah deal me a new one And maybe life won't be so lonely and gruesome But I'ma tell you son before you begin Even with a bad hand you can bluff and win So put your chips on the table you're able to do the task Unmask the executioner and take his ax And break the chains that bind and confine your mind this is your time Unleash and unwind put pain behind Climb art of the pit of darkness and start this new breed For this is what we need Don't be held down and hellbound be strong and profound Unfasten the leather that's strappin' you down Dig down and get up and you'll be swingin' the soul sound A new day is coming the sun don't frown Don't conform be confined or obey Nelson Mandela breathes the air of a new day So now you're a number in the prison of a hardened soul But be brave and behave and you may get parole So there's hope and hope is a pleasant thing Over the horizon I see the sun I hear you sing SAD NEW DAY GO AWAY - SAD NEW DAY GO AWAY SAD NEW DAY GO AWAY - SAD NEW DAY GO AWAY Solar energy within ME all through ME It's the sun full of light bringing power and might All right makin' everything start to swing You be the lung or queen of your own dream Life can be supreme it's a special thing Just keep the faith through the nighttime You operate smooth and you might find All of the lovin' the bliss the joy a happy deal Friendship and jubilee you live the Elysian fields For real you need to feel unchained and free Into the ME PHI ME And you are in the rat race so put an your gym shoes Run emphatically step on them blues Choose the right path and be on your way And you'll be able to say What a wonderful life! (CHORUS) (Solo)
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