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Pig – Death Rattle 'N' Roll

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исполнитель Pig

длительность 04:56

размер 11.30 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Audiomaniac

Death Rattle 'N' Roll
I was born to burn I'm a bile-boxed baby I camp in my lip With rods on my hip I'm out of my hole I'm on cruise control I'm wrapped in flesh I've gotta merge with death Were goin' my way On the highway I gotta' spread you thin All over the ground By the silent savior The supersonic wrecker On the road kill, road killer Road people, road thriller Don't do what I do Do what I say You could believe You could be saved I'm a chip off the old block I got a chip on my shoulder I can't face reality But down in the poor melody Of my death rattle and roll Death rattle and roll Death rattle and roll Death rattle… One track baby Where the torment never sleeps The shits off the show Their is no relief From my death rattle and roll Death rattle and roll
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