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Bad Astronaut – Best Western

Bad Astronaut
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исполнитель Bad Astronaut

длительность 03:56

размер 6.73 MB

битрейт 238 kbps

загружено jane_caro

Best Western
For now the kids are secular But every road leads to a church They grow them here The virtuous Mutinous by any means Rebellious, reformed then upright It’s cold in Adelaide tonight These streets are bright Hotel bound in the small bus My first whiskey in two years plus It can’t mask the weird vibe This Sunday night Passing red cars head to light Hey mom, hey dad Hey mom, I’m rad I’m coming clean and it’s a mess In cheap hotels they find their dreams They caffeinate amphetamines In naive green Designer blue In small black prints he’s minor news Hey mom, hey dad Hey mom, it’s rad I made the scene and it’s the best
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