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Martin Jondo – Jah-Gringo

Martin Jondo
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исполнитель Martin Jondo

длительность 03:37

размер 3.31 MB

битрейт 128 kbps

загружено pain_1

Gringo said I’m Jah Jah gringo Said I’m Jah Jah gringo seh seh seh seh I am a gringo of the army of the one ya name Jah I am a soldier on the frontline and I talk 'bout love I man rebel in the morning and a fox in the night I wanna reach them blue true higher skies I am a student, read the Bible and I read the Qur’an I read the Gita, know that Sufis know the peaceful Islam They never wanna fight me or you So respect is due to what the monks do and Voodoo Come around the people and a holding you tight tonight night With thousand sells and hocus pocus and with heavenly might We gonna listen to this mother nature Giving us the light of life Jah Tell me who knows what is the truth Tell me who of them’s not confused Tell me who ever seen the light Jah light yeah Tell me who knows who is the brute Tell me who of them’s just a dude Tell me who ever seen the light Jah light, yeah Well, it is cold like ice and heavy To see the sun shining dark and shady Well, it is cold like ice and silly This earth is round so who could run away? Pull down your cross, pull down your razor circumcising is crime Pull down your sword the highest battle happens in your own mind No UFO’s come to pick you up and rescue you it’s a lie No drug could make you up and let you fly up high in the sky Forget the bla bla 'bout the story who a came first Forget the bla bla 'bout the quarrel which book got the most worth Ain’t it just dear that only humbleness and clear hearts work out What all them battles for religion have been trampling down? Reggae now, reggae and Jah vibes We gonna seed them out, seed them out and seed them out here We gonna big it up never dance low Dance to the max and never dance low no So me seh wake up All of my brothers So me seh wake up All my foes and me friends So me seh wake up All of my sisters So me seh wake up All pickenies Pickenys in every every land
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