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Ocean Wisdom – YOU DO YOU (SKIT)

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исполнитель Ocean Wisdom

правообладатель Warner Music Group Ocean Wisdom

жанр Рэп

длительность 00:30

размер 2.63 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Warner Music Group

Yo Troy I was so worried… Look, look, I’m so glad you called mate Uh, 'for you say anything, uh You called me just now I’m gonna let you do your project how you want it, alright? Oh are you? I’m not gonna get involved as much anymore Uh through atlantic Death row said they’ll get you the 2Pac hologram Did they? Back to back with 2Pac mate, your fucking dream Listen Troy, I think you got a coke problem bruv Nah I gotta be honest with you bruv I don’t even know if P Money is ever gonna chat to me after you was going on last time man That was all mad Mate, don’t, don’t fucking do this I don’t know if he does brother, and you know what You didn’t know Dizzee like, you didn’t hook that up Like I already knew him Like you’re going doing hella coke Calling me all hours Can’t have you in the circle man I just setup the label man What record? Beyond Measure Records, that’s where I’m releasing my shit off now You’re doing your own label? Don’t make me fucking laugh Yeah, that’s how I’m releasing Big Talk, it’s the first mixtape You should know blud, you been fucking holding up the process Yeah, alright mate, well, good luck yeah You’re a fucking little boy mate You’re a I’m a little boy, aight cool Ay listen, you do you blud Yeah I will fucking do me! And you do you!
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