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YFN Lucci – Dec. 23rd

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исполнитель YFN Lucci

правообладатель Warner Music Group Think It's A Game/Warner Records

жанр Рэп

длительность 00:30

размер 7.38 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Warner Music Group

Dec. 23rd
Ayy, first off, I don’t respect no rats I ain’t never dropped a dime, not even when I got those racks Look, I was raisin' hell before the Hellcat Yeah, I can put you on, run and tell that Look, I’ll pop a nigga like a wheelie, huh I crack me a seal, pour out my feelings, uh Starin' at the stars in the ceiling, uh How I’m starin' at my heart while it’s healin'? Look It’s hard for me to find some inspiration I pray for this generation, I need me a vacation I’m tryna clear my thoughts, no one to call on late night Wanna know my whereabouts? I’m with the stars now, late night Lord, pray for me, we just a product of our environment We just some young niggas strugglin' who got tired of it From where them crackers quick to hang you like an ornament I’m just thankful that we made it out Chauncey goin' up the only way we ball Can’t complain at all, bitch, we made it far, huh Just bought my nigga a phone, I hate when he can’t make that call, huh Come to you with my hand out? See, that ain’t me at all I don’t give no damn 'bout what you did We came up from hustlin', kickin' doors, I don’t know what you did I’m a real hustler, I was rich when I got two kids Then I had two more kids, bring that shit to your crib Look, racked in '19, 2020 I’m goin' too big Thug life like Pac, but I got hoes like I’m Big Look, R.I.P. B-I-G, my new AP a B-I-G Wrecked the Benz tryna check the time, too many VV’s (Look) Put some ice on her if she mine, let’s go skiing (Yeah) Put a dime on him, he won’t make it 'til this weekend Playin' all defense, some shit I can’t prevent In a game full of weirdos, it be hard for me to fit in I kicked the door down, they act like I ain’t leave it open I’m 'bout to cop that new 'Bach and I still got the old one Don’t get your ass whacked, we clap shit, Magnolia They was talkin' 'bout my flow, so I went back to the old one (Yeah) Look, diamonds in my teeth, shit frozen (Yeah) I like my bitches dark, Kelly Rowland, yeah (Uh, uh, uh) I would give you my heart, but it’s broken, yeah (Yeah, yeah) I can’t even show no emotions (Yeah, yeah), look Starin' from afar at the ocean, before I got some motion Before we ever bust a check, man, we was on some more shit Before I ever touched the pen, they told me I was chosen Before the fame, these bitches called me daddy, I know, look I know Just and Liberty gon' be there, huh (Yeah) I know Boonk and Bop and Zelly, they gon' be there, huh I can’t speak on none of them niggas, I can’t ID them, yeah Make me tweak on all these niggas like I’m senile I can’t trust a soul, so I won’t be 'round Held the street down while Shell gone, so I know he proud He took over the penal, he send it to me now Don’t make me send them youngins to your spot and let 'em freestyle
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