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U.s.d.a – Corporate Thuggin`

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исполнитель U.s.d.a

правообладатель Universal Music Mexico

длительность 03:26

размер 4.71 MB

битрейт 192 kbps

загружено glorry

Corporate Thuggin`
I said, I'm +Corporate Thuggin+ C-T-E!! Until the day I die, dat's the way it's gon' be Thug Motivation, I'm bumpin' in my 3 Blowin' on some killa shit dat I got from Zone 3 Blowin' Orange Mile, yeah we call it Tennessee I'm good in err' hood, err' body know me So don't wake me up, I swear to God I'm dreamin' Pray fo' Uncle Ray, yeah dat nigga still beamin' Lookin' fly in the cock pit, a nigga still leanin' Money out here, so a nigga still schemin' And I don't make music, but the muthafuckin' critics They don't understand cause they ain't muthafuckin' livin' it And I ain't trippin' on +The Source+, I got a muthafuckin' +plug+ Keepin' 5 mics, I'm still a mothafuckin' thug Now, the question is - CAN A NIGGA REALLY RAP? And they ask you - IS YOU EVA BEEN TO THE TRAP? Bitch I make hits, you niggas waste time And I be Goddamn if I let chu waste mine Like change fo' the betta, but I'm still strapped Trigga-happy nigga, don't make me relapse Attitude like "Fuck It!" - they hatin' anyway And I can give a fuck what a nigga gotta say YOU STILL TALKIN' BLOW? - YOU GOD DAMN RIGH! What else I'm gon' say dat's my mu'fuckin' life I just left Jamaica I'm talkin' Nachos Rios Sippin' margaritas on the beach in my Adidas Brought a few pills but dats only fo' the skeezas Used my black car but dat's only fo' the reefa Wussuh! (Let's go) Not a day go by, dat I ain't high Hit the mall err'day, nigga I stay fly 26 inches, yeah I'm sittin' up high And I'mma keep it hood, hommie dat's no lie Not a day go by, dat I ain't high Hit the mall err'day, nigga I stay fly Get it how we live, yeah we try to get by We throw it all in the air, baby dat's no lie Wussuh! Blood Raw! Everybody love me (Yay-Uh!!) Blowin' on Jamaica, the boy +Corporate Thuggin+ Glasses in the air, everybody toastin' Gettin' fucked up nigga, everybody totin' (Oooh) Posted wit a broad, yeah she blacka then an African (Yeah) Hair down her back, like she mixed wit Italian (Haha..) Mamii so thick, man she look like a stallion Introduced her to my patna - yeah it's on, so what's happenin' Wha's hann'in! Dead presidents (Ch'yah!), brief-case full of 'em Couldn't take a chance, we do it fo' the love of 'em (C'monn!) Livin' life fast (Yah!), we do it fo' the rush of it Rubberband stacks, we do it fo' the touch of it (Okayye!) This shit don't stop (Stop!) Corporate Thuggin' nigga 'till my casket drop (Yah!) Yams in the booth did the same on the block Don't blame me, I'm just trynna get a knot (Nah!) U-S-D-AYE!
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