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Krs-One And Buckshot – Oh Really Ft. Talib Kweli (Produced By Marco Polo)

Krs-One And Buckshot
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исполнитель Krs-One And Buckshot

длительность 03:13

размер 3.45 MB

битрейт 149 kbps

загружено id193139155

Oh Really Ft. Talib Kweli (Produced By Marco Polo)
[Scratch] Oh Really? Oh Really? You think you murdered the track Impact of the back of the billy, club Take it back to what rap really, was Make so much noise we could barely hear your buzz I don't need to react, I don't even need to reach for the gat I can see how you speak and you act You'll be laying in the ground in five days If this was the seventeen hundreds you'd be my slave If this was ten thousand B.C. you'd be living in my cave I'm bringing new meaning to the term 'I'm saved' I'm like a mountain man, unshaved Walk through ice and fire unscathed I'm living proof that you get better with your age Hip-Hop's a journal, I'm turning the page Yo Buckshot Everybody get the gauge Don't play with me I ain't a video game, I'm so serious Put so many holes in your brain, you oblivious To the fact You owe period Who the asset and who the ass that, Oh there he is (Hah) Neck full of high class diamonds Wrist looking like you made a trip to my hymen In the colosseum, or harlem, or canal You cop jewels by the penny weight? I go by the pound Anyway, I go by the style, not by the sound So when you cop my CD you can go out of town Go out of bounds, I'm blowing the whistle, Referee BDP Y'all know I'm official, Y'all go on my tissue Y'all niggas are shitty, you get wiped out, lights out You can't outwit me, outsmart me or outfit me Yeah this my gear, I got an arsenal with me, nigga it's my year
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