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Informatik – Miles Away

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исполнитель Informatik

жанр Электроника

длительность 03:50

размер 8.79 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Тера

Miles Away
Hey tell me your name what’s your story Say do you like champagne care to join me Hey that smile on your face tells me something Say let’s ditch this place it’s kind of boring It’s time to let it go All pretense flown out the window Dispense with all the formalities Fasten your seatbelt forget reality We we’re on our way well past flirting You’re so close to me i can hear your heartbeat Say is it just me who’s feeling dirty Okay cause we can get clean in the morning Some things we’ll never know Life short we’d better go It’s getting late and we’re all alone We’re miles away We’re miles away now Fly with me There’s only one way up so high Hold on to me and don’t let go Come fly with me Let’s be as one in space and time Leave everything down bwlow Miles away
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