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Mechanical Poet – Hide And Seek With Cary Nage

Mechanical Poet
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исполнитель Mechanical Poet

длительность 03:35

размер 8.21 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Patr1ck

Hide And Seek With Cary Nage
A muted filthy snigger A creak of closet door Poor Willy shrinks away He’s frightened to the core Bad smell suffused the room When Cary came in sight There’s no remorse in silky voice: «We're gonna play tonight…» YOU HAVE TO MIND THE RULES YOU’LL LIKE THIS GAME THE HIDE AND SEEK WITH CARY NAGE A MINUTE FOR A RUN A LOT OF PLACE TO HIDE THE WHOLE HOUSE IS THE STAGE WILLY HIDES AND CARY SEEKS ALL IS FAIR, NO DIRTY TRICKS! WILLY WINS AND STOPS TO SHAKE BUT IF YOU LOSE… YOU’D BETTER AWAKE The game begins when Cary counts And Willy leans against the wall A creepy gnash of iron teeth It’s Cary prowling in the hall Time is crawling, time is creeping Lazy points are moving slow Musty smell is getting near «Willy, are you here?» «Let's play hide and seek, my sweet You’re a hider, I am it When I get to 5 o’clock You should be as quiet as log One o’clock — the door unlocked Two and three — don’t stay by me Five o’clock — I’m lying rogue So here I come to bite!!!»
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