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M.I.A. – XR2

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исполнитель M.I.A.

жанр R’n’B

длительность 04:20

размер 9.94 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено glorry

Where were you in 92? This is how we do in the xr2 The boyz look fine, stereo's alpine 20/20 , thunderbird at 12 0 9 Took a pill good time all the time Brick lane massive We were like grime Labrynth, world dance Bagleys time High top fades We aint never paid Roll up jeans e 's lucozade Versaci jeans shades and chains We roll in there like we late Dj mcs private raves Keep it secret , light it mate. Whistle, whistle Blow, blow Here we, here we Go, go Some of them drink heineken And some of them drink bacardi Some of them talk a lot of shit And act rowdy Some say people follow me Some say people is the key When the music's got a beat Then that's what gets me Some people think we r stupid but we r not Xr2 808 Mp3 mc8 Xox the mc5 Mtv has add Nbc n bet, Bbc is oap Rem klf Iq up the icq, Cb4 cpt Bbd n atl Pdd had big Nyc had rnb Opp yrb Tlc swv Jo. d. c Xxx I love u S l 2
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