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The Stooges – Sex and Money

The Stooges
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исполнитель The Stooges

длительность 03:19

размер 4.55 MB

битрейт 192 kbps

загружено Kenig68

Sex and Money
I can't sleep at night anymore (sex and money) The waves are breakin' hard on the shore (sex and money) I confuse my thoughts and my dreams (sex and money) The darkness is on my mind When reason is going blind The truth is a motherfucker I'm looking for a reason to live (sex and money) I only got but two things to give (sex and money) They say (?) fine (sex and money) Reality ain't written down The toughest (?) around The others can't come around Sex and money, sex and money Sex and money, sex and money Sex and money, sex and money Sex and money, sex and money Nipples come and nipples go (sex and money) But evil love knows far to go (?) (sex and money) For a day, a week, a month or two (sex and money) Love is fun when there's nothing to do (sex and money) I want pie and cherry wine (sex and money) I want to have fun all the time (sex and money) Am I wrong, is it right? (sex and money) Who put this fucking gun in my eye? (sex and money) Yeah, who put this gun in my eye? It's a crime when you be so wise I can't sleep at night anymore
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