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Beady Belle – Two Faced

Beady Belle
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исполнитель Beady Belle

длительность 03:55

размер 9.00 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено lisichka2006

Two Faced
She’s struck by the juggler Who juggles the balls Engrossed in all the ascents And the falls He jumps and cavorts Throwing balls in the air Dividing his focus His mind, everywhere She does love the juggler She is a true fan Although it’s a pity The juggler’s her man His talent is two-faced As he breaks his bounds He runs with the hare And he hunts with the hounds She’s ready to bow To the inevitable Her love held in place By his bewitching embrace He plays on the two strings He has to his bow The charlatan plays on her And plays it low But what can she do When she’s so much in love Her reason is valued But passion above
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