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Tech N9ne – Doin' It (Bonus Track)

Tech N9ne
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исполнитель Tech N9ne

жанр R’n’B

длительность 03:40

размер 8.43 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено MC.Searcher

Doin' It (Bonus Track)
Hey man, this feel like I’m in Miami, Florida, man But reppin' Kansas City at the same time Yukmouth, Chillest Illest Yo, Tech N9ne! Ome, let’s go! I’m doin' it! I can do anything go shop Buy fly high no lookin' back I’m doin' it! Take a trip everyday Livin' life all paid build an Empire State I’m doin' it (doin' it) I’m doin' it (doin' it) I’m doin' it (doin' it) Buy low, sell high! Euro, pounds, crowns, get dough Red Light District, hoes in the window At the Green House blowin' on the indo Then it’s to the room and the cab is the Benzo Yo, then I’m on to the next Jigga Man style blowin' zones on a jet High above 20 inch chrome on a (?) Got hoes on deck, got a home on my neck Yup, wrist flooded in cruise ship Two chicks, I’d have pop it like Whoo Kid Shut 'em all down, no brand new shit Louie to the Gucci bitch I do’s this What? I get brain (?) The Last Train to Paris Like Diddy for them benjies Black stones and a chain, black Bentley All black everything flier than a frisbee Chillest Illest, yaah, yo I’m doin' it weller than (?) Globetrottin', I’m hot, I’m a young yacht seller (?) when I land her Make it to Japan I’m a boss Carnival cruisin', exchange currency All about my paper I’m serious like an emergency Some of y’all ain’t heard of me but I’m about to fix that I spits a lot of game you should absorb it And no I don’t pay rent partner I pay mortgage Checking NASDAQ (?) And all that you imagine Oh yeah I’m doing that Sold out shows N9na make 'em go nuts They get the dough cut, splittin' hella O’s up Close up to show rush to go to Lust Vegas The Tower Suites encore doin' for much Cold days in Missouri can’t stand them So I take the family to Saint Martin just to tan 'em Kickin' at random beaches then when I land 'em The bags in the van, wife and kids in the Phantom Royal Caribbean floating through amphibians Go to Disney and pig and eat at the Grand Meridian Wealthy Kansas Citian, pretty women, Henn and lemon or lime Why she all up in mine? I’m Tech N9ne And gettin' mo' checks, my life is so jet I got a Mercedes Benz I ain’t drove yet Order your beast filet straight chewing it Haters want me to ruin and never stop the N9na cause it’s Full traffic escorts New market passports We’re closing airports Do anything! Okay this means we through doin' it now This was the mixed plate Now I’m 'bout to go to Gates and get me a president’s tray Y’all know what I mean, ha-ha-ha Kansas City baby this album was for you I don’t care what nobody say I love this place!
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