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Papoose – Born To Win

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исполнитель Papoose

длительность 04:01

размер 9.21 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено MC.Searcher

Born To Win
Yeah (Yeah) Papoose (Papoose) Let's go! Cause when it all begins My eyes on the prize so it's on again I refuse to loose I ain't gon' pretend I thought I told you I was born to win Everybody loves a winner! Victory I choose Ain't no turning back cause I paid my dues I tighten up my laces when I tie my shoes Born to win, I refuse to lose Everybody loves a winner! My adrenaline rushing through my veins Next stop is victory, it's rushing like a train I'm determined to win, cause there's nothing like the pain of defeat I refuse to remain incomplete Gotta lot of stamina cause I train for some weeks Got my strength from the vitamins and the grains that I eat All obstacles overcame, I'm unique The sky's the limit so I'mma raise to my peak Winning is everything, let me explain what I think Practice makes perfect, so when working I dont relax I practice a lot, therefore I'm perfect and that's a fact Been through some hard times while the burner was on my back It was rough, but I was determined so I adapt Gettin what I'm deserving, holla back Game over you lost like a person with outta map My competition said I wasn't ready to face him My teammates said 'I think we need to replace him' All the haters used to say 'Boo we hate him' I wanna thank y'all for the inspiration Waited a long time for my time I'm anxious May the best man win, the worst man lose Last man no choice, the first man choose I was born as a leader, that's what I gotta be I don't follow rules, I let the rules follow me I'mma focus man on the lose, animal out the cage An ambitious and vicious champion with a rage What's the difference between a champion and a challenger? A champion already conquered his caliber You trying to become, a champion became That's why I eat finer foods Complete wiser moves, I'mma retire you No remorse for these tired dudes Let's celebrate the victory, I won like three minus two Its only what you make it thats what we gotta remember But deep down inside everybodies a winner You gotta work hard January 'til December Finish what you start and you can be a contender Watch the man in the mirror, look into your inner Self, maintian health and never be a quitter Gotta shine like the sun, flow like the river You see a chance to win then take it like a picture I ain't tryna preach to you don't feel bitter I'm just tryna tell you what it take to be a winner He's a champion cause it's impossible to stop him Victory is a option
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