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Tenacious D – Sasquatch

Tenacious D
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исполнитель Tenacious D

длительность 00:43

размер 1.66 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено MC.Searcher

There were some scientists tried to figure the Sasquatch riddle Then they figured out it was a missing link "In Search of Sasquatch" that was a kickass In Search of With Leonard Nimoy kicking out the jams (Ahhh!) He captured imaginations of people all around the globe His name was Sasquatch so I'm told His legend's ancient in the ancient scribe Of the Indian tribe (Apache tribe) Scientists have proven that the Sasquatch seems real Take a look at the plastic cast of his foot now you know he's real Listen real close to the audiotape now you will now know he's real Couldn't be a man in gorilla suit no fuckin' way now you know he's real Real (real) real-real (real) real (really real) real real! KG: Don't take this personally, cause it's not about your playing JB: No dude, your drumming is kick-ass It's just that the D it's always just been me and KG KG: And we're just not comfortable being a power trio JB: I hope there's no hard feelings Sasquatch (Sasquatch) We know your legend's real Sasquatch (Sasquatch) We know your love is real Sasquatch You and Tenacious D Are Real Sasquatch: Tell Tenacious D They were kick-ass Open Mic Host: And who should I tell them said that? Sasquatch: Tell them it was Sasqua- Tell them it was a friend Open Mic Host: Okay Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey Sasquatch: You know what, you better tell them it was Sasquatch. They won't know what friend you're talking about Open Mic Host: Oh, Okay, Sure Sasquatch: See ya Open Mic Host: So long
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