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Slaine – Angel Dust

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исполнитель Slaine

длительность 05:22

размер 12.28 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено MC.Searcher

Angel Dust
When I was a young man – scratch that* I am a young man When I was a young boy I wanted to alter my mind with a substance I tried every little thing that I could smoke or sniff and every pill that I could chew or swallow It made me high but inside I still felt hollow like there was no tomorrow so I resorted to sniffing this dust and drinking this bottle Why do I do what I do and have what I have? I make myself into what I have pictured myself as Picture myself bad with a pad erratically Vicious, I felt mad at a world that had it for me Watching them scatter, scurry sideways and laterally In a hurry, judgment is bad, vision is blurry I got the ugliest attitude in this rhythmic flurry Shivery misery, look at this smile, isn't it ugly? Chipped-tooth grin, heroin sin Evil wordplay spray ever since I've been ten Have I forgot to mention my name is Slaine? I am famous, the shameless, heinous, aimless Reign to strange on some deranged shit While my ego's even bigger than Ving Rhames' lips, amigo It's like in Spanish, you don't understand the language That I came with, let's take a purple rain hit Every fight that I get into, lose a little bit of blood A little booze, a little drugs, litter crews in little slugs Bitter news to get a buzz, spit it, you's a little bug My girl thinks I am the worst mama, considered thugs Me and all of my friends cause karma had shit on us We switched to yey instead of dust, dismissed what they said of us I took my time, never rushed dust, my lust must be Choppers and screwdriver point plus a trustee My guts are bigger than my nuts, trust me I puffed enough els and huffed enough paint to cover a Huffy I lie all the time, it's getting harder for my mother to trust me I'm hungry motherfucker, my cupboard is dusty So here I am as an older man and the world has only gotten colder, man I don't know the plan. A lone soldier Damn. Look what's happened to me: When I was a boy looking to that substance I never thought it would come to this For each different crew, I slipped into The gutterish hunger and sicker addiction grew It crawled in my veins, it's a ball and a chain It's a demon on my shoulder that keeps calling my name (Slaine!) I weep with the willows, sleep with the pillows Creep with the silhouettes deep in the middle Secrets and riddles, anger and smooth steel Pulling the trigger cause I don't know who's real Know who's who or either what's what How can I believe? I'm so deceived and fucked up My poetry bleeds on these rosary beads And I'm looking in the mirror at what's supposedly me Look how you've grown into this ghostly MC Look what I've known, I see how must of them be Society's streets, I'm another casualty Fogging up the window looking through the glass at reality
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