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Slaine – Night after Night

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исполнитель Slaine

длительность 03:33

размер 8.15 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено MC.Searcher

Night after Night
"Night after night, the same old story" "Day after day, the same old thing" This shit is all funny (take this back to 1999) Shit is fucked up right now (take it back to '96 style) I made it~! I made it in this game (Yo let's take it back to '91 style!) But I'm still hungry for more (Yo fuck it man let's take it back to '89...) I ain't get what I'm supposed to get yet I came in this game with integrity and a provocative promise Stepped in the booth with my youth sipping vodka and orange Juice I sip it, it beat beefs and rocking performance Mind in a cloudy haze and my shotgun's enormous I'm mopping the floor with you dudes with legs that couldn't run fast In the hood where guns blast, heroin is king It never meant a thing; I ain't gettin young fast, I'm getting older Now I got a colder, smile than I ever had Doggy I'm a hater I'm forever mad You live in never never land and got a head that I can sever fast Shout out to Ill Bill, Cypress Hill, and Everlast D.M.S. we ride the storm until the weather pass My fists, forever fast with combinations An abomination even when I'm calm and patient sleeping like a trauma patient You claim king homey you live in your momma's basement I'm a Knight at the Round Table chilling with God and Satan (Night after night) "Night after night, the same old story" (The same shit) "Day after day, the same old thing" These are the words of a manifesto - and I'm the author of it The razor blades spit to leave a slit across your stomach The wisdom and change are trapped inside my torture summit They fall asleep in the tub and leave the faucet running Am I a visionary prophet cause I saw shit coming? A reflection in the glass with the crosses hung and I'm a young and dumb and full of cum but I could pull a gun For no other reason, show you where the bullets from I spent many nights getting bent with Henny right Writing rhymes staying in my lane that shit is plenty white Come on I came up, I'm making it happen But I'm takin back, whoever thought I'd make this shit rapping? But I'm here Going for the gusto my brothers, I fuck it up for my nuccas Throw dice with my right hand just a couple bucks from a hundred See him paint the picture vivid like he must have been from it I ain't never gave a fuck or adjusted to none it Holding bottles in the air drinking substances from it I been through the dark, I know what it was to become it I plummet, fall fall into the madness My habits got me on the knees, crawling to the sadness My ladder's, got broken steps mad at what matters And mad at the mirror, I leave the shit battered and shattered I've had it with addicts, I've had it I'm erratic erratic and every junkie who lives in a shack... Peace PEACE!!!
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