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thebandwithnoname – Shake It Down

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исполнитель thebandwithnoname

длительность 04:25

размер 10.14 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено MC.Searcher

Shake It Down
I follow Christ and I ain’t ashamed to say it I’ll pray it debate it let my life display it All of y’all Brits mistaken The mick’s been taken Even Anne Robinson left me unshaken Every knee will bow every tongue confess Jesus Christ is Lord know no more no less Yes I’m blessed to be a blessing Walkin a line defined in times of testin Confessin not to a stranger but to a friend Forgiven all of my sins have been cleansed again I wanna shine pure white fuel to fire A chipK lighter burning brighter and brighter Now is the time to worship His name We lift Him on high and glorify once again Now is the time to worship His name We lift Him on high and glorify once again Shake it down down shake it down come on Raise it up raise it up come on Shake it down come on raise it up come on Just shake it down just raise it up just get your praise on Oh ok q yeah we’re back again Thebandwithnoname top boys on track again Ridin through on Michelin shing a shing Mr Sheen glistenin up on your stereo shake it down Fix your eyes tune your frequency Straight to his radio hello hello boys and girls Get clickety click clack on the train track Direct to the matters of fact Get on the straight get on the line Move away from the deepest darkest Light this Jesus spark this harvest Off the shelf eyes open smash it up cracks in vases broken Sweet salvation exaltation inspiration proclamation I’ve got desires but I’m shakin them down at the cross Because of Jesus my richest gain I count as loss
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