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Mr. Capone-e – Let Me Love You Girl

Mr. Capone-e
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исполнитель Mr. Capone-e

длительность 00:30

размер 9.14 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено MC.Searcher

Let Me Love You Girl
Oh oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh oh Hello? (Girl) Hey? I need you, can you please come & get me? Yeah don’t even worry about it… I’ll be there. (Chorus) I’m the one you can call when you need me, (need me) You can trust in me, girl believe me, (believe me) One call from the morning to the evening, (evening) I’ll be your man hold your hand any season, I can be there for you, for you, Cherish every little thing about you, bout you, All you gotta do is let me, Just let me, just let me, love you girl. (Verse 1) I’ll be your man, the friend you’ve never had, I’m the type of guy to provide you with a plan, Keep you on the right direction with this love, When you’re feeling insecure, I’ll be there with a hug, And every moment that you cry, I share your emotions, I’ll protect you with my life, And my arms stay open, Walking by the ocean as we catch a cool breeze, Sun setting you explain all your needs, And your goals, and desires in this world, I know it’s hard believe it, man, But has it occurred, preferred, That you need a real man, Not this little boy still livin' off mom and dad, So I’ll sweep you off your feet like a king To a princess, You don’t need instability, No need to be stressin', (no) Confessin' all this love to you, Let me show you what love can do, uh… (Chorus) (Verse 2) Like I told you Trix are for kids, And your a woman, so listen to the bridge, He buys you tons of roses, But money don’t buy love, You’re waiting up for him, While he sippin' at the club, Trying to buy a lap dance, While you’re working for yours, Trying to drop the lame, And change and get yours, Pick up the phone and call up daddy Capone-E, I’ll be right by your side, When you feel all alone, Come on now, (now) Don’t let no one get you down, This song makes you cry, But this song makes you proud, Holla at ya boy, With this thug like passion, Raise and represent the one I love, For everlastin', True, But this is just me to you, Never leave you behind, Cause real ladies need love too, And that’s a fact, (fact) I got yo back, Just a phone call away girl, Believe what I say… (Chorus) (Verse 3) So let me take you where you never went, And let me save you, But be your best friend, Let me hold you, protect your innocence, I’ll be there for you in every type of presence, Come on girl, tell 'em make that change, No more dead beat lames, No more ever lasting pain, (no more) It’s just the simple things we do, From a man to a woman, Don’t trip, I got you… (Chorus) (Hook) All you gotta do is let me, Just let me… love you girl, All you gotta do is let me Just let me… (Fingazz on the track) All you gotta do is let me. Just let me… (Dedicated 2 The Oldies Part 2) love you girl… Let me show you what love can do, uh.
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