Kevin - Epilogue

Kevin - Epilogue
Исполнитель: Kevin
Длительность 08:22
Битрейт 320 kbps
Правообладатель Tuluka Label
320 kbps
В приложение
I didn't want it

To define my world

But it sure did

Subdue my vigor

To get to the place in life I needed, I chose my own way

To be a fool, to be conceited, I needed another way

All I cared about was myself

And how I interacted

Floating faces bounce around the room

Holy matrimony

In our grasps, we had it all

All I did was let it fall

With difficulty to recall

All I lost

Her blankets lay around her room

She emanated confidence

Her picturesque figure command submission

From the poignant passersby

Her poise shе kept behind a curtain

Cut from iron, cast by fire

But it liftеd that summer

Under mid-Brooklyn moonlight

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