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The Rocket Summer – Christmas Present

The Rocket Summer
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исполнитель The Rocket Summer

длительность 02:47

размер 6.38 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено MC.Searcher

Christmas Present
What a perfect ending To this film we are watching. 'Cause she loves her boyfriend Like he has loved his girlfriend. Just like the night sleeps on by, Just like the sun wakes the sky They are so in love Like we are so in love So hug it tight and embrace it Don’t let the world deface it Just let it shout with amazement As we dance tonight Just like the cold becomes spring Just like the perfect day dream Just like your pretty eyes gleam We are so in love Oh-ho-whoa (Silence) Please mister spare some change For a poor broken man in need I’m sick and dying walking barefoot Please just buy me a drink The truth is that I’d like to die But I fear of where I could go, that’s real 'Cause take a look; I’m so drunk, stupid, and worthless For some Jesus you feel, that’s real So let me get this straight Cause I have a question You’re saying he’d listen if I were to speak Yes that’s what I’m saying, in fact I was just thinking He’s probably thinking of asking you the same very thing He wants to say «you're okay, be my friend Let me help you and take you out of this lake that you are clearly drowning in Make me yours and I’ll make your mine�? So hey, listen up friends Good news is coming, Soon is the end of all the world’s troubles And all of its sin. I said hey, listen up friends Oh, good news it coming, Soon is the end of all the world’s troubles And all of it’s sin
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