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Jay-Z – Regrets

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исполнитель Jay-Z

жанр Классический рэп

длительность 00:30

размер 10.44 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено MC.Searcher

Stress... Sunshine, shade, geyeah From a remote location in the BM Scopin' the whole situation, like, "Damn!" Metamorphic, as the dope turns to cream Pulled off slow, hopin' my people fleein' Chink tried to knock the only link that tied me in Coppers was watchin' us through nighttime binoculars This time they got us on tape, exchangin' dope for dollars Prayin' my people bailed out Awaitin' a call, from his kin, not the coroner Phone in my hand, nervous confined to a corner Beads of sweat, second thoughts on my mind How can I ease the stress and learn to live with these regrets? (This time, stress, givin' this shit up, fuck) Turnin' in every direction, seekin' direction My mom's cryin', because her insides are dyin' Her son tryin' her patience, keep her heart racin' A million beats a minute, I know I push you to your limit But it's this game Love, I'm caught up all in it They make it, so you can't prevent it, never give it You gotta take it, can't fake it, I keep it authentic , but I got him Trapped, within this infrared dot About to hot him and hit rock bottom No answers to these trick questions, no time, shit's stressin' My life found I got to live for the right now I found myself reminiscin', remember this one? When he was here he was crazy nice with his, son In heaven lookin' over me, or in hell keepin' it cozy I'm comin', life on these streets ain't what it's supposed to be Remember Newton, mutual friend? Well, me and him feudin', on your life I tried to talk to him But you know niggas, think they guns can stop four niggas Hoe niggas, this year I'll show niggas — think I'm slippin'? I'm about to send you a roommate, no bullshittin' But my hustle's goin' too well to hit him You was right, niggas want you to be miserable with them This whole verse I been talkin' to your spirit a little too much Roc-A, Roc-A, Roc-A, Roc-A-Fella y'all
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