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Midnight Star – Move Me

Midnight Star
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исполнитель Midnight Star

длительность 05:22

размер 12.31 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено MC.Searcher

Move Me
I like the way you move me And groove me Baby you know Just how to please a man I like the way you feel me And thrill me Baby you know Just how to please a man In love with you I am You got me I never had A feeling like this before no Gonna do the best I can To make sure your love of me is forever I really wanna be your man let you know Just how I feel about you baby Gonna try to make you understand That I Sometimes baby when I’m all broked down inside You know how to treat me When something is wrong baby It won’t be so long with you I’m right back again Sometimes when I’m all by myself I call out your name Feeling I could have you always But it’s alright simply because So hard to find someone like you… I like the way you move The way you groove me Everything that you do
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