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Molly Hatchet – Saddle Tramp

Molly Hatchet
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исполнитель Molly Hatchet

длительность 07:18

размер 16.71 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено MC.Searcher

Saddle Tramp
Well, i pulled out of canyon county Great cradle of the west My mama and me and one lone dog Tryin to do our best Strangers all around me Said none knew my name I came to take back this land I came to stake my claim, yes sir The farm is all i've ever know It bears my family name But, damn, my brother got drunk one night And lost it all in a poker game Shots rang through the silence I heard the angels cry You never arrive a winner a saint or a sinner The boy said aces high (chorus) Saddletramp you're back in action Lookin for the man that took my brother I came to put him down Saddletramp you spend your whole life Runnin like the wind....going for the bounty but Riding for the thrill Mama died of a broken heart The way myy brother threw his life away But when they put him in the ground It like to kill me just the same Half past the hour of midnight I looked into the killers eyes I pulled my 45 and bullets started flyin The man he had to die (chorus) 2x Everytime you take a life The devils watching you He'll fill you with a pack of lies And he'll steal your soul from you......i say
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