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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Cowabunga

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
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исполнитель Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

длительность 04:07

размер 9.43 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено MC.Searcher

Man you got To dig the Groovis sounds Listen to the Tracks we’re laying Down The turtles are Coming up from the Ground We got us a message That we have found Gonna keep rappin Gonna keep talkin Ready to go Let’s get on with The show Hey ya’ll Leonardos His name He is the leader That’s his claim to fame He is the guy My brother’s trust When For Shredder man We go for the Bust He’s a ninja Standing tall And proud But he loves To rock the crowd So he put down his Weapon And he picked Up an instrument A different kind Of message Is what he Implements He said You got to keep Pushing the Envelope Cause if you don’t You’ll wind up a Dope Cause when The going get Rough And the going gets Tough The winners Are the ones Who say it’s Never enough He say Be your best And you will Learn That respect Is not a gift It’s something You earn Are you listenin To what I say I am still A mutant turtle In every way But tonight I come to play Yo There’s Donatello Even for a turtle He’s mellow It’s simple It’s simple What makes him Grin Just give him Anything Just give him Anything That you plug in Electronics Are the thing He uses And you know he’s groovin If it’s got Fuses When we started We had no choice We needed Something To help Our voices He went to work To develop A plan And now we’re Makin music For all our fans Look to Don For the whistles And bells Helping each Of us To come out of Our shells I’m the one They call Michaelangelo Let me kick My story Just say so Born like a pet Just like The rest of them I grew up wild Party With the best of them Livin loose Livin large With my humor Man I’m in charge It’s not that I’m crass It’s not that I’m rude It’s just that I’m a naturally Humurous dude Turn up the Volume baby Let’s pump it I see the Foot clan Man you know I Thump it Cowabunga Is my Favorite word I use it All the time Or haven’t You heard I’m out of Control Wild and crazy Hazy May be a little bit Lazy Yo It’s time for The last of The gang of green He’s the first Man He’s the first Who made the Music scene It’s Raphael And you can see There’s nothin In this world That he’d Rather be Than a turtle Who is Mutant as well I said it Before He’s comin' Out of his shell I saved This guy for The end of The song Excuse me I’m sorry If it gets Too long You know This guy Is my Very best friend I stick with My brother Till the Very end He wrote The music I wrote The words We wrote everything That you’ve Heard Splinter Splinter This one’s for You You were the first Who said we would Come through What do you do When you can’t think Of a rhyme Personally speaking It’s ending time Out
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