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David Ruffin – Common Man

David Ruffin
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исполнитель David Ruffin

правообладатель Universal Music Group Hip-O Select

длительность 03:08

размер 7.21 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено MC.Searcher

Common Man
I have dreamed the dream of every common man Ahh hoping to rise to the top I have sworn by my blood as your man, my love That one day, I promise one day your heartaches would stop But I've never never never never changed I never change one single grain of sand Oh, thanks to you baby For just loving a common man I want to thank you this evening Oh, I thought, I thought that I failed you so But that's when you turned around and looked me in my eyes And you let me know You said, and you said it softly I didn't have to worry about being a common man You said, "David, you don't have to worry about rising to the top" You said, you said, you said I didn't have to swear by my blood But ah baby, that one day your heartaches would stop Then you put your arms around and you said You never never never never cared If I never change one single grain of sand You said, "I love you, baby I love you for just being a common man" For my gratitude just keep on growing Yeah, for recognizing me, I thank you, baby Yeah, for respecting me, yeah I want to thank you, baby For every time of need, Lord, I thank you, baby Oh for my gratitude, for respecting me, baby For just being a common man Ah I want to thank you, babe In a time of need, I want to thank you for respecting me In a time of worry, I want to thank you for calming my troubles Oh, I thank you baby Thank you honey, for loving a common man like me
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