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Martin Jondo – The One

Martin Jondo
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исполнитель Martin Jondo

длительность 03:24

размер 7.80 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено MC.Searcher

The One
I want everyone to know I want everyone to know right now That I'm the one and I'm the one baby girl so here I come I want everyone to know I want to know right now That I'm the one blessed with life and with love so I'm riding on Back on the street I am living but I feel like a dream Around the corner I am tickled by a shallow sunbeam Out of my window I'm observing this Jah mystical life And thousand thoughts running through my mind through my Mind well in this glittering chaos of pervert pride and might Lips tell lies but you seem to be the only sunshine lovely one yeah Some are sniffing for fun some a hit and run Some a dem a playing a hurtful game to everyone Cold verses den do spite from their broken heart Old friendships do explode in the creepy dark Grounded like I was shot back to the earth Wake up in the morning on the road girl, I see your worth Once I was with her girl now I am with you My past is done my future's you, so Their life is sleepless and frozen in their dirty soul Money seems to be the only friend dem will ever know But dem a clutch at a straw dem fall in the trap Feeling easy breezy but you're fading like a shooting star But your heart knows I got something worth more than their gold And I know that you got the same, so don't let it go, oh no no no So I gonna look back to the days Where I was a part of the glittering shade For now I am the one who overstand So I will always love you and love you...
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