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Papoose – Mother Ghetto

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исполнитель Papoose

длительность 04:50

размер 11.10 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено MC.Searcher

Mother Ghetto
(Intro) Brooklyn, rise to the occasion Papoose, PK (Hook) (Verse) All the thorough bread borough heads, where yall from? All the hundred dollar billers villains, where yall from? All the low key OG’s, where yall from? Got a gat, cock it back, let me hear yall gun Stepped out the building another day, my time was tickin But had to make a U turn, damn forgot the biscuit I stashed it on the side of the sink, behind the dishes On Sundays I praise gun plays, that’s my religion Walking down the block with a boppin rhythm Had to take a leak behind the green garbage can Who needs a pot to piss in? That’s when I bumped heads with my man, he out of prison Wuddup son? Noticed his grill looked kinds different He had a long scar on his face, somebody jigged him I got away when he got knocked, wish I was with him They put the green light out, know how the game go Take John through the slums just to get a coliday come Hoodlems through they guns in the sewers and swallow they jums Snitches stopping the funds, when they hear the drama they run So we throw the slugs to their tumors and silence they tongues Raw ball heist, hand to hand is far more trife Customers be bangin on the spot doors all night I told the last customer yo next time not lite He knock hard so I cocked back and took his hard knock life (Bridge) The mother ghetto went in first up, want the crook bone Yall outsiders better come right, don’t look wrong My borough led the thoroughbred, Brooknam (Hook) Where Brooklyn at? Where Brooklyn at? Where Brooklyn at? Where Brooklyn at? Where Brooklyn at? Where Brooklyn at? Where Brooklyn at? Where Brooklyn at? (Verse) Home of the time of hoax with money missin and drama talks And you can tell a nigga from Brooklyn just how he walks Them Brownsville dudes carry gats in they draws Come through rockin a Rollie, better have it ensured East New Yorkers will stab a millionaire til he bleed riches Cop work for uptown niggas, fuck Queens bitches Fort green killas run up in yo living room quick Them boys at canal, see you lay yo clique on the strip Nobody politics in Bed-stuy, who cares for that political shit? We`ll rob a dog for his kibles and bits Bushwick got beat cops, they actin like they own the streets That’s why we drop em like a verse and lay em on the beat Celebrate easter by goin to Cony Island wit heat Just to have a slash out and bang it out on the beach In Crown Heights they be workin them 2’s, redhook hoodlums Come around yo way or put yo turf on the news Down town in Pican Ave got the flyest niggas Youngins takin over the trains, cursin over the loud speakers Flatbush they be totin, leave yo top smoking Since the trains had tokes them boys kept it locan From LG to Albany we was born to be thorough Cypress Hill’s the kings but now we the king borough I’m from Bang Bridge, we broke the law for the fun The cats at Marcy will make you cough up a lung Wherever you from, represent the hood you live Well keep it that way, don’t come across the Brooklyn Bridge (Bridge) (Hook) (Verse) In the heaven of Bob, my hood, them pearly gates is locked We the reason that cops traded 38’s for Glocks We the reason them cabs drive by, never trust you We the reason you couldn’t rock shines in the tunnel Niggas be starin and walkin, lookin back But I rob a nigga blind and ask him what the fuck he lookin at? Patrol cars just wanna get essential book in pack Don’t get caught in alleys with Brooklyn cats Face the fact that what you worship So I pray with my backs towards the serpent Hit the underground and changed all the rappers to the circus Celebrated Ike after he was murdered Due tradition we had him cremated Put his ashes in the shone and I wish I could’ve did magic when they burned him Cuz the depths of this devilish fire within these matches don’t deserve him It’s when life stay on the abs of the earth and where the staff givin sermons Knowledge beneath the records of a turban Wherever you from, represent the hood you live Well keep it that way, don’t come across the Brooklyn Bridge (Bridge) (Hook)
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