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Chuck Prophet – Leave the Window Open

Chuck Prophet
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исполнитель Chuck Prophet

длительность 03:28

размер 7.94 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено MC.Searcher

Leave the Window Open
Boy this place is nice Yeah, this place is really nice So many things in life we can't afford But isn't this the life … So put a sign outside the door Here, let me get this chocolate off the floor I don't want to see any of this go to waste We may not get too many more All I'm asking you …... is ~ leave the window open (x2) I just wanna feel your love ~ against the skyline, and the money, and the people down below So leave the window open Well life is only so long Don't let it rub you raw … Nah, don’t let it rub you raw like a bad massage for something that you never even done I don't want to talk No, I don't want to go for a walk I just want to lie here in this bed and enjoy this moment with all the lights and the television on Hey, all I'm asking you …... is ~ leave the window open (x2) I wanna feel the breeze when it's blowing through your hair as I am making love to you So ~ leave the window open (x2) I wanna take in this view, smell the streets below, and live this life before it's gone Honey ~ leave the window open Please I don't want this day to end I don't care if it rains Just leave it open
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