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The Other – In The Dead Of Night

The Other
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исполнитель The Other

длительность 04:06

размер 3.76 MB

битрейт 128 kbps

загружено Crugar

In The Dead Of Night
Making Out On A Night Like This The Moon Is Full, The Air Is Chilled And Soon You’re Gonna Be All Mine Our Passion Running High My Claws Between Your Thighs Girl You’re Begging For My Bite We’ll Be Alright Hunting In The Dark We’ll Be Alive You And I Tonite You And I Tonite In The Dead Of Night In The Dead Of Night In The Dead Of Night We’re Alright Yeah, We’re Alright My Teeth Are Drawing Blood White Skin Now Coloured Red You Cry In Pleasure, You Moan In Pain Our Union Sealed In Blood The Change Is Imminent You’re The Queen Of The Lycanthropes Repeat Bridge And Chorus Left You Alone My Mind Was Blank I Needed Time To Think To Get The Memories From My Mind What Did I See, Cannot Believe That What I Did To You Was Real And Not Just Fantasy Repeat Chorus
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