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Blackthorn – Bestial Satan of Grotesque Beauty

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исполнитель Blackthorn

длительность 05:05

размер 10.31 MB

битрейт 282 kbps

загружено id170184037

Bestial Satan of Grotesque Beauty
In the dream I have seen Fire ran through my veins And raged neath the skin I do feel it for real In my mind still sounds a Voice dictating his will And I, unsophisticated Enraptured atomy, Concede that what I desire In the end can shatter me There are things that must befall and there are Truths that must stay in a memory Shrouds of lies are falling one by one and There is more than I could ever foresee II I know they’ll come for me To find any evidence of devilry With the ropes I’ll be bound — Pale and startled, — By the crowd closed around Under fell tortures and pressure I won’t weep nor scream aloud Tempered in the fiery visions, I am and will be unbowed In the world that deeply sunk in darkness Where their lore seems nothing but a sham, There are hearts that doomed to blaze forever And no waters ever will douse them Beyond the light immured will be — My flesh but not my soul- Where a shade and solitude reign At last I’ll let my tears flow III ''Now you know they always shall deplore What you have and they can’t withdraw" The spark you’ve infused into me once Is now a tremendous flame IV Are you sure you need my name To lay manifestly on me all the blame I confess to you my sin Of rebellion against the world and its scheme A tiny crack in the perfect Surface of creed am I Later I’ll cause total tumble And igneous streams from the sky But confession doesn’t mean repentance There will be more rebels after me And one day they’ll break the fulsome mirror and its pieces will set the enslaved free You could walk with me hand in hand Leaving behind all restraint But most of you fear to move on And prefer to stay enchained Now you, just you, the one without fear I want to confide in your ear: The spark he’s infused into me once Is now a tremendous flame In this fire I’ll burn until the day The wind takes my ash away On this fire I’ll burn until the day The wind takes my ash away
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